Motorsports marketing creates powerful exposure, better brand awareness and lasting fan loyalty

In today’s competitive business environment, maintaining product loyalty and increasing market share is an ongoing challenge. The objective of Sloan Urry Racing is to bring awareness to our sponsors’ products, and increase traffic through our sponsors’ doors. Promotion with our team brings sponsors exposure through car and driver suit branding, website postings, hospitality, on track sampling, media days, driver appearances, and much more.

Motorsports has become America’s #1 spectator sport. Its phenomenal growth over the past decade has generated a marketing medium that is unrivaled. All over the world, leading marketing companies have realized the promotional strength of motorsports sponsorship, building brand equity, launching new brands, repositioning existing brands and testing new products.

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Our Generous Sponsors

Motorsports sponsorship is a smart investment

An attractive fan base

Motor sports fans are more likely to recognize and inquire about your products or service as a sponsor of the sport.

Exceptional brand loyalty

A majority of race fans go out of their way to buy products and services offered by companies involved in motor sports; past studies show 89% brand loyalty.

Attendance growth

Motorsports have significantly outgrown all other major sports throughout the last decade.

Attendance figures dominate other major sports

Average per race attendance is between 60,000 and 100,000


Motorsports provide an excellent platform to launch unique promotions such as; new products, new catalogs, in store promotions, company events, etc.


Hospitality events provide a means to inspire and reward employees or entertain existing or potential customers.